How To Build A Shed – Floor

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How To Build A Shed Floor
If you want to build a shed you need to start with the floor. When building a shed floor it is a must to use green treated wood because the bottom will be contacting the ground and will rot fast is your shed floor is not treated.

You will want to make sure your shed floor is square, this is very important because if the floor is not square the rest of the shed will not go together very well. Take the time to make sure your floor is sturdy and square and you will find the rest of the shed will go together smooth.

In the video above you will see the part that shows two guys building a shed floor, I would suggest using treated wood for the floor joists as well as the plywood flooring. This may cost a little more but it will insure that your shed will last for many years to come, it’s well worth the extra investment in treated lumber.

Once you have built your shed floor you will have the foundation to build the rest of your shed on.

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